Hadley R/C Club Rules of Behavior

  2. When attending meetings after school you are to be polite and quiet. When someone is talking, you are not.
  3. When attending races you are not to leave the building without permission.
  4. You do not run, vandalize, use profanity, make excessive noise, play electronic devices so others can hear them, etc. You must keep your area clean.
  5. Do not climb into the upper areas of the bleachers.
  6. Do not touch the property of another racer without permission.
  7. If you are caught stealing you will be expelled from the club and the incident will be reported to the administration.
  8. If you do not stay to help clean up at the races, you will not be allowed to race at the next race.
  9. If you are using a radio, which is not a Spektrum or DSM radio with a 2.4 frequency you must report to the race director.
  10. You should return your transponder immediately after you finish a race and before you leave the gym.
  11. You cannot drive cars in pit area or outside.
  12. You are expected to marshal the race after your race, or find a replacement.
  13. Never drive your car in the opposite direction of racing.
  14. Slow down when you see a marshal on the track.
  15. Do not step on the track to marshal your own car. Never step on the track until all drivers in your race have finished.
  16. Stay off the stage.
  17. Unkind behavior of any kind towards another driver will not be tolerated. If you intentionally hit other drivers’ cars or trucks you will be pulled from the race. If unintentionally continually hit other cars or trucks of you will be pulled from the race.
  18. Do not use the elevator.
  19. Do not go into any other parts of the building.
  20. Friends and relatives, other than parents, cannot be in the pits.  Friends and relatives are to watch from the bleachers. Do not bring friends and relatives to spend the day in the pits.
  21. Any driver intentionally or unintentionally cutting the course will lose laps or will be disqualified from the race.
  22. There is no pitting beyond the bend in the 6th grade hallway.
  23. You must stay away from any teacher’s classroom or door.
  24. No soldering in 6th grade hallway.
  25. After you have checked in and your car or truck is lined up sit down on the drivers stand and wait quietly for instructions to start.
  26. In order to participate in the Hadley RC Club Races, you must attend at least two meetings a month. There can be exceptions if approved by the race director.