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2/8: Updates from last weekend's race:  Results and points

1/24: Last weekend's race results and points.

1/10: Welcome back and Happy 2017.  Last weekend's race results and points updated.

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11/22:  Last weekend's race results, points, the first three newsletters this year.

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10/24:  Sunday's race results are posted under Race Info.  The first points of this year for the 2 club classes have been added under Points

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9/15:  This year's information pack, vehicle contract, club rules, vehicle class rules have all been updated for this school year.

8/27:  Welcome to a new school year and another year of the Hadley RC club.  This year's race schedule has been posted to the Race Info page


Welcome to the 2016-2017 Club

The Hadley Radio Control club is the largest, longest running extra curricular activity in the district. It's also the only RC club of it's kind in North America and possibly the world.  The Hadley RC club depending on the year, has 20-30 members and races RC cars and trucks on a track similar to what professional RC tracks use.

The club is open to R.C. car enthusiasts (boys and girls) of all grade levels who attend District 41 schools.

Not only is the club fun, but it teaches students about physics, eletricity and basic skills of mechanical engineering.  It's also one of the only school activities where parents can work along side their child and then compete with them.  Parents are always encouraged to join the club on race days and who knows, maybe will feel the need for speed.

If you are thinking of joining the RC club, please attend the club meeting which are held Wednesday after school.  Also read the information pack below

Information Pack for New Members (updated for 2016-2017 year)

The Contract for a new members to receive a club subsidized vehicle

Up Coming Events:

Wed 4/12 - Last RC Club Meeting at Hadley for the year

Invitational Sponsors - this list is long Click on a Sponsor's name to visit their website

Things heard at the races:

  1. "My battery is dead"
  2. "What race is it?"
  3. "Can you charge my battery?"
  4. "What are the mains?"
  5. "What's my transponder number?"
  6. After driving over the white barriers, "I didn't cut the course."
  7. After driving too fast into a corner and crashing into the wall, "marshal, marshal, marshal!"
  8. With great surprise, "I'm in this race?"


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