No 2 Oct 21, 2015

Excellent Racing

On Sunday, Oct. 18 the Hadley R/C Club held its second race of the school year. The friends and family enjoyed the exciting racing show put on by the students.   

Torment/Fury Class

In Round 1 of Heat 1 of the Torment/Fury Class Tony ran away from the field with a victory of 15 laps, 5:12.73. Anwar was second and Peyton was third. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Nick O. lapped the field for the win with 15 laps in 5:14.73. Matt was second and Ryan was third. In Round 2 Heat 1 of the Torment/Fury Class Peyton ran a great race with a first place finish with 14 laps in 5:01.18. Tony was second and Anwar Bader was third. Heat 2 of Round 2 Ryan ran away from the crowd with a victory with 16 laps in 5:06.14. Nick O. was second and Matt was third. Ryan’s score was the T.Q. mark. In the Main Ryan R. did an outstanding job of driving for the win with 18 laps in 5:14.17. Nick O. was second, Tony was third, and Matt was fourth. In Heat 1 of Round 1 of the Fury Rookie Class Nikolaus S. drove a very good race for the win with 12 laps in 5:15.33. Nathan was second, Carson was third, and Jack was fourth. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Binh ran a smart race for the win with 12 laps in 5:22.57. Patrick was second, and Harrison was third. In Round 2 the good racing continued. In Heat 1 Nickolaus S. was the repeat winner with 12 laps in 5:32.52. Carson  was second and Jack was third. In Heat 2 Patrick picked up his first win with 12 laps in 5:16. 33. Binh was second.  In the Main Binh got to the top of the heap with 14 laps in 5:23.44. Nikolaus S. was second, Harrison was third, Patrick was fourth, Nathan was fifth, Jack was sixth, and Carson was seventh.

Short Course Truck Class

The action in the Slash/SCT class was great with high-flying jumps and high-speed action. Dylan dominated the first heat with an 18-lap victory in 5:08.76. Matt was second, Ryan was third, Hunter was fourth, Jared was fifth, Will was sixth, Anwar was seventh, and Nick O. was eight. In Heat 2 Dylan continued is winning with a 17-lap victory in 5.11.07. Matt was second, Hunter was third, Anwar was fourth, Nick O. was fifth, Jared was sixth, Will was seventh, and Ryan was eighth. In the Main the top three drivers repeated their good drives. Dylan  was first, Matt White was second and Hunter was third. Nick O. continued to improve and finished fourth, Will was fifth, Ryan was sixth and Jared was seventh.

Raider Buggy Class

In the new Raider Buggy Class the action and jumping was exciting. In Heat 1 Ryan was the winner with 17 laps in 5:57.23, Peyton was second, Matt was third and Nick O. was fourth. In Heat 2 Ryan repeated as the winner with 16 laps in 5:08.33. Peyton was second, Matt was third, and Nick O. was fourth. In the Main Ryan continue his winning streak with 16 laps in 5:05.71. Nick O. was second and Matt was third.


   Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for their usual great job. Thanks to the Hadley office staff for all of their help. Thanks to Mr. Rebel, Mr. White, Matt, Dylan, and Mr. Street for coming in extra early to help setup. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” for all of the help they give our young racers. Thanks to Mr. White for all of the help he gives to our racers that ask him for help. Thanks to our student racers for the good job they did setting up the track and cleaning up. Thanks to Mr. Bourke.

 NEXT RACE – Nov 1.