No 1 Oct 29, 2014

A Great Race Day

The R/C Club held its first point’s race of the season on Sunday, Oct. 26. There was a great deal of enthusiasm and exciting racing.  

Torment Class

In the Torment short course truck class there was exciting racing and great jumps. In Round 1 Nick Z. was first with 11 laps in 5:14.62 and Jared was second. Nick’s score was the T.Q. mark. In Round 2 Will M. was first with 11 laps in 5:29.09, Jared was second, and Nick Z. was third. In the Main it was a battle of the broken trucks with Will M. out lasting Nick Z. for the win.    

In the Rookie Torment Class our new drivers showed some good skills and some devastating crashes. In Heat 1 Round 1 Matt B. took the win with 10 laps in 5:31.98, Tony was second, Gerik was third, Muhammad was fourth, and Alex Z. was fifth. In Heat 2 of Round 1 Ryan had great run of 12 laps in 5:10.25, Corey was second, Nick O. was third, and Peyton was fourth. Ryan’s run was the T.Q. mark. In Heat 1 of Round 2 Tony got the win with 10 laps in 5:11.69, Gerik was second, Alex Z. was third, Matt B. was fourth, and Muhammad was fifth. In Heat 2 of Round 2 Ryan was the repeat winner with 11 laps in 5:14.99, Nick O. was second, Peyton was third, and Anwar was fourth. In the Main there was close exciting racing. Peyton drove very well for the with 11 laps in 5:24.30. In a three way battle for second place Anwar was second with 10 laps in 5:09,24, Tony was third with 10 laps in 5:14.32, Matt B. was fourth with 10 laps in 5:12.26. Ryan was fifth, Peyton was sixth, Gerik was seventh, Alex Z. was eighth, and Muhammad was ninth. .  

Short Course Truck Class

The SCT/Slash Class provided close racing, great jumps and some paint scraping action. In Round 1 Jack  was first with 15 laps in 5:14.28, Dylan was second, Mark was third, Matt White was fourth, Nick Z. was fifth, Will M. was sixth, and Hunter was seventh. Jack’s score was the T.Q. mark. In Round 2 Jack repeated as the winner with 15 laps in 5:20.23. Dylan and Mark dueled for the second spot. Dylan was second with 13 laps in 5:05.86 and Mark was third with 13 laps in 5:09.54. Will M. was fourth, Hunter was fifth, and Matt W. was sixth.    In the Main the excitement continued. There was a tight battle for the top spot. Dylan and Jack drove hard for the win. Jack was first with 15 laps in 5:11.05 and Dylan was second with 15 laps in 5:24.24. Mark was third, Matt W. was fourth, and Hunter was fifth.  


Thanks to all of our parents who stayed for the day to help their young drivers. Thanks to our “Pit Crew” for helping our students. Thanks to Mr. Rebel and Mr. Jones for coming in extra early to help setup. Thanks to Mr. Holm for the website. Thanks to Mr. Bourke for everything. Thanks to the Hadley custodial crew for their usual great work!