No 3 Nov 16, 2016

Great Racing

On Sunday, November 6 the RC Club enjoyed at great day of racing with our new drivers demonstrating their improving skills.  

In the Slash Rookie Class Austin had an outstanding performance.  He won the “B” Main with 19 laps in 5:18.12. Mathew T. was second, and Thomas was third. Austin continued his hot driving with a victory in the “A” Main with 18 laps 5:01.47. Michael was second, Evan was third, J.D. was fourth, and Ethan was fifth.    In the Torment/Fury/ Slash Class There was a lot of great racing in the qualifying heats. In the Main Eric was the top racer with 17 laps in 5:12.83. Matthew W. was second, and Nathan was third.    The racing in the Short Course Truck Class was exciting and action packed. After great racing in the qualifying heats Dylan was the winner of the “A” Main with 21 laps in 5:01.52. Mathew W. was second, Austin was third, Ethan was fourth, Evan was fifth, Michael Snyder was sixth, and Nikolaus S. was seventh.    In our first race for the Student Racing Teams there was exciting racing in the Buggy Class. In the Main Dylan was the Main winner with 23 laps in 5:05.75. Team Purple finished second, Team Blue finished third, Ethan was fourth, Team Green was fifth, Hunter was sixth, Mathew W. was seventh, and with servo problems Team Red was eighth. Because this was the first race for the teams all teams received the same average points with no penalties or bonus points.    In the Student Touring Class Alex was the winner of the Main with 22 laps 5:06. 39, Dylan was second, Hunter was third, and Mathew W. was fourth.


Thanks to our student racers for their great behavior at our races. Thanks to our “Pit Crew” volunteers for their help. Thanks to the parents of our student racers who pitched in to help. Thanks to our Hadley custodians for their usual great job! Thanks to the Hadley office staff for their help! Thanks to the Hadley P.E. Dept. for sharing their facility with the Club. Thanks to Mr. Bourke for coming out and calling some races. It was good to see him.

Our next race is Sunday, Nov 20.