No 5 Dec 9, 2015

Exciting Racing

The R/C Club held it’s first race of December on the 6th. It was an exciting day of fast pace racing.  

Torment/Fury Class

The Fury/Torment Class provided some exciting action and close finishes. In Round 1 Ryan edged out Patrick for the top spot by just over one second. Ryan had 14 laps in 5:10.12 and Patrick had 14 laps in 5:11.35. Nikolaus S. edged out Nathan for third. Matt was fifth and Nick O. was sixth. In Round 2 Nikolaus S., Ryan and Patrick battled for the top spot. Nikolaus was first with 14 laps in 5:06.16, Ryan was second with 14 laps in 5:14.37, and Patrick was third with 14 laps in 5:26.82. Matt was fourth, Eric was fifth, and Nick O. was sixth. In the Main Ryan ran a very good race for the win with 15 laps in 5:09.74. Nikolaus S. edged out Patrick for second with 14 laps in 5:11.98. Patrick was third with 14 laps in 5:13.41. Nick O. was fourth, Eric was fifth, and Matt was sixth.

Short Course Truck Class

In the SCT/Slash Class the speeds were higher and the driving was more aggressive. In Round 1 Dylan blew away the field with 17 laps in 5:11.50. Matt was second, Nick O. was third, Jared was fifth, Ryan was sixth, Nikolaus S. was seventh, and Nathan was seventh. In Round 2 Dylan set the T.Q. mark with 18 laps in 5:15.04. Matt was second, Ryan was third, Nick O. was fourth, and Jared was fifth. In the Main Dylan rolled on to another victory with 17 laps in 5:10.66, Ryan was second, Nikolaus S. was third, Jared was fourth, Nick O. was fifth, and Mat was sixth .

Raider Buggy Class

In the Arrma Raider buggy class the drivers showed their skills. In Round 1 Ryan was the winner and Nick O. was second. In Round 2 Ryan was first with 17 laps in 5:06.14, Matt was second, and Nick O. was third. In the Main Ryan drove to his third victory with 17 laps in 5:15.03. Nick O. was second and Matt was third .


The following is an interview with Mark, and is written by Peyton.
Peyton: How long have you been in the Club?
Mark: “This is my fifth year.”
Peyton: What’s your favorite car?
Mark: “The Losi 22 Buggy.”
Peyton: What’s your favorite class?
Mark: “Adult Off Road.”
Peyton: What is the most important piece of advice for other drivers?
Mark: “Know your car! Know how it handles, tune it, and make it work with you, not against you.” 


 Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for their usual great job! Thanks to the Hadley office staff for all of their help. Thanks to Mr. Rebel, Mr. White, and Matt for coming in extra early to help setup. Thanks to our volunteer “Pit Crew” for helping our student racers. Thanks to Hobbytown USA in St. Charles for their help and consideration. Thanks to Dylan Street for his great job behind the microphone announcing races. Thanks to Nathan who had to leave the races early, but returned to help clean up. Thanks to the Hadley RC Club members for their outstanding behavior. 

Get Well, Mr.Bourke.   Our next race is this weekend on Sunday, Dec. 13.