No 8 2/12/2014

A Great Day of Racing

 On Sunday, Feb. 9 the R/C Club held another great day of racing with exciting and action and close racing.  

Torment Class

In the Torment Class there was a lot of side banging action. In Heat 1 Alex nosed out Nick Z. for first place. Alex had 13 laps in 5:14.81 and Nick had 13 laps in 5:25.36. In a battle of Wills, Will D. was third and Will M. was fourth. Charlie  was fifth, Jared  was sixth, and Giovanni P. was seventh. In Heat 2 Will M. was the winner with 13 laps in 5:03.37. In the battle for second Will D. was second with 12 laps in 5:14.07 and Nick Z. was third with 12 laps in 5:21.26. Jared was fourth, Alex was fifth and Giovanni P. was sixth. In Heat 3 there was a close race for the top spot. Charlie edged out Will M. for first place. Charlie had 15 laps in 5:18.79 and Will had 15 laps in 5:22.69. Alex was third, Nick Z. was fourth, and Jared A. was fifth. In the Main Alex finished on top slightly ahead of Charlie. Alex had 19 laps in 6:10.23 and Charlie had 19 laps in 6:32.21. In a three way battle for the third spot Will M. was third with 16 laps in 6:02.14, Will D. was fourth with 16 laps in 6:17.97 and Nick Z. was fifth with 16 laps in 6:37.11. Jared was sixth and Giovanni P. was seventh.

Short Course Truck Class

 The short Course Truck Class provided a lot of high-speed action and broken parts. In Heat 1 Mark and Kyle drove very good races for the top spot. Mark was first with 17 laps in 5:11.01 and Kyle was second with 17 laps in 5:15.37. Ryan was third. In Heat 2 Collin  drove away from the field with an excellent run of 18 laps in 5:04.47. Mark was second, Ryan was third, and Will M. was fourth. In a tight battle for Heat 3 Collin got the win over Mark. Collin had 18 laps in in 5:14.88 and Mark had 18 laps in 5:20.25. Kyle was third, Will M. was fourth and Ryan was fifth. In the Main Mark had a dominant run with 20 laps in 6:12.12. Kyle was second, Collin was third, and Will M. was fourth.   

Other Classes

In the Off Road class the racing was exciting with a mixture of 4wd buggies, Short Course trucks and a monster truck. Matt was the winner of the B Main in his first race at Hadley. Ryan was the winner of the A Main.

Thanks to Giovanni P. for coming early to help setup. Thanks to Mr. Rebel for showing up early to roll out the carpet after snow plowing all night. Thanks to Kyle for his leadership laying out the track. Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for their great work as usual! Thanks to Mr. Bourke .

 Our next race is Feb 23, 2014.