No 9 Feb 26, 2014


 The Hadley R/C Club held a great day of exciting and thrill packed racing on Sunday, Feb. 23.  

Torment Class

There exciting finishes and great jumps in the Torment Class. In Round 1 Alex lapped the field for the win with 22 laps in 5:21.69. Will M. was second, Charlie was third, Jared was fourth, Nate was fifth and Will D. was sixth. In Round 2 Alex repeated as the winner with 18 laps in 5:15.07. Will M. was second, Will D. was third, Charlie Mutz was fourth, and Jared was fifth. Alex set the T.Q. mark with 20 laps in 5:12.14 in Round 3. Will D. was second, Charlie was third, and Jared was fourth. In the Main Alex continued his winning ways by defeating a hard charging Charlie with 22 laps in 6:02.49. Charlie was second with 22 laps in 6:13.62. Jared was third, Will D. was fourth, Will M. was fifth, and Giovanni P. was sixth.

Short Course Truck Class

 In the Short Course Truck class the speed and aggressive driving led to some spectacular crashes and broken parts. In Round 1 Mark lapped the field for the win with 22 laps in 5:13.67. Kyle was a close second Collin was third, Will M. was fourth, Jack K. was fifth, and Matt was sixth. In Round 2 Kyle and Mark dueled for the top spot. Mark edged out Kyle for the win. Mark had 21 laps in 5:07.73 and Kyle had 21 laps in 5:14.65. Collin ran a very good race for third, Matt was fourth, Jack K. was fifth, and Will M. was sixth. In Round 3 Kyle lapped the field in a raced marred by several big crashes. He had 21 laps in 5:11.26. In a tight battle for second Mark got second with 20 laps in 5:07.24 and Collin was third with 20 laps in 5:13.52. Matt was fourth while three drivers were sidelined with broken trucks. In the Main the lead changed several times and there were pile-ups all over the track and especially at the double jumps. Kyle came away with the victory with 24 laps in 6:02.10 and Mark was second with 24 laps in 6:11.12. Collin was third, Jack K. was fourth, and Matt White was fifth.  


Thanks to Mr. Rebel for coming extra early again. Thanks to Jack A. and Dylan for coming in early to help setup. Thanks to our “Pit Crew” for helping our students repair their broken vehicles. Thanks to Mr. Holm for the great job he does on the website. It takes a lot of time and effort. Thanks to the Hadley custodial staff for their usual great work!

 Our next race is March 9, 2014.

IS APRIL 11-13.   Don’t miss it!