Tamiya TT-01 & HPI Sprint 2 Hop-Ups

Team Vanderway sat down and compared and constasted the stock TT-01 vs the Sprint 2.  They also provided their feedback on various hop-ups.

The items listed below are in order of importance or most bang for the buck.  They also tried to give some idea of the effect adding a particular part to the car will have. Some items are not legal in the TT-01 & Sprint 2 class race.

Importance Description Cost (est) Pros & Cons Effect on Car
1 Ball Bearings (TT-01) $16 TT-01 comes with busing that wear out quickly and cause drag.  Replacing these with bearings is probably the best investment you can make to the car.  Sprint 2 comes standard with bearings. 10
2 Aluminum Drive Shaft (TT-01) $8 Plastic drive shaft flexes 10
3 Clamp Axel Hex Nut $14 Pros: Prevents lose of pin and bearings, saves time.

Cons: Currently not allowed in this class

4 Aluminum Steering Set (3Racing recommended) $25 Pros:  Better control, removes play in stock steering, provides adjustability.

Cons: Balls ends can pop off

5 Universal Shafts $14/pair Replaces dog bones, reduces sloop, elminates many dog bone problems with front end 6
6 Aluminum Hub Carriers $12/pair Pros: Better Bearing Fit, don't break.  Most effective on front.

Cons: Currently not allowed in this class

7 Aluminum Dog Bones $6/pair Pins don't come loose on this dog bone 2
8 Upper stiffener $9 Pros: Stiffens chassis

Cons: Makes it harder to work on car.  Have to remove it to get to many components inside the tub.